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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 13:35:47 +0200
Otto Schlosser wrote:
> At 4:49 PM +0200 6/30/01, Alain Pastor wrote:
> >Otto Schlosser wrote:
> >>
> >>  >When shall we see a great book about FB^3 on the shelves?
> >>
> >>  As it happens, I am at loose ends this summer and I currently have
> >>  some time to work on such a project. Who has source material I could
> >  > look at?
> >
> >Otto,
> >
> >That's a pretty good news. But, I'm not clear whether you ask for
> >something to proofread or for material helping you to write the
> >missing book. In the former case, there's nothing yet written as far
> >as I know, in the later one I'm volunteering to help but I don't
> >know exactly how.
> Precise communication is the natural enemy of English. What I was
> trying to say is more like, "I would like to find out about tutorial
> materials, FAQ's, help docs and the like that people have already
> pieced together and would be willing to let me use as source material
> for a book about FB^3." Is that a bit clearer?


I don't know if the contributors of the FB list will have something
to say about that, but I can provide you all my HTML files that
compose the Pouch. You'll find there a lot of questions that novices
as well as advanced programmers have asked for more than a whole
year (currently there are near 600 entries I believe). As I said
earlier, the pieces of code in those contributions show their age,
but the topics discussed might still have an interest.
(As a side note, if I were to write a book myself, I would promote
the new way of coding allowed now by FB^3 (unlike the manuals coming
with the software). I strongly believe it is clearer to comprehend
and of course to explain. In many occasions it makes the source code
more concise even looking nicer and the generated code ends up more
compact and faster. I see nothing else than benefits, if you ask me).

I can offer to help you in another way: becoming one of the
proofreaders of your work and perhaps answering some of the
questions one might have about FB^3. Although I'm not what we can
call a real programmer, I've got now, let's say a fair knowledge of
the whole thing having translated the entire documentation and 95%
of the example files.
The fact that English is not my native language, curiously can hold
an advantage in some circumstances: because I'm not fluent in
English I need to decipher each sentence to catch the meaning of
what the writer wants to say and this may help to squash the
ambiguities in the original work.
If it is required, maybe I can write also snippets of code or give
away those I already have.
I hope that many others will lend you a hand so that you don't feel
alone handling this huge task.

BTW, you didn't tell us the audience you intend to target



PS: This is not a problem at all if my proposition is not okay with you.
FB^3 in Europe:  http://euro.futurebasic.com/
FB II Pouch:     http://www.pixmix.com/FB/outils.html