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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 05:43:27 -0500
I keep gathering these little treasure up for the CD. Lately, we've 
had one or two gems per day. :) Keep it up!

>>further to ready-internationalised dates
>>have a look at:
>>IUDatePString( rawSecs,format,resultStr,intlHndl)
>>it should help.
>  This little code prints the name of the days and the name of the months
>using the international resource 'itl1'. It also prints the today's name.
>  I hope that this could be useful for you nice program.
>begin record Intl1Rec
>dim days[6] as str15'{day names}
>dim months[11] as str15'{month names}
>dim suppressDay as Byte'{elements to suppress}
>dim lngDateFmt as Byte'{order of elements}
>dim dayLeading0 as Byte'{leading 0 in day no.?}
>dim abbrLen as Byte'{abbreviation length}
>dim st0 as long'{separator string}
>dim st1 as long'{separator string}
>dim st2 as long'{separator string}
>dim st3 as long'{separator string}
>dim st4 as long'{separator string}
>dim intl1Vers as Integer'{version & region}
>dim localRtn as long'{flag for extended itl1}
>END record
>dim itl1 as handle to Intl1Rec
>itl1 = fn GetIntlResource( 1 )
>dim i as char
>print "Days of the week:"
>for i = 0 to 6
>print itl1..days[i]
>next i
>print "Months:"
>for i = 0 to 11
>print itl1..months[i]
>next i
>print "Today is "; itl1..days$[usr DAYOFWEEK - 1]
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