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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 10:36:45 -0400
>le 2001/07/12 09:39, Bernie Wylde à bernie@... a écrit :
>I'm looking at supplying demo programs which will become fully functional
>when a registration code is entered.
>Do you know if anyone has created an fb3 function to handle this?

Bernie :

If it were me, I would use a very simple "name to registration" algorithm.

A simple version would be to simply convert the person's name to
ASCII, such as:


would generate:

	116 101 100 100

You can complicate this process as much as you wish -- such as,
taking every other letter and multiplying it by two rendering:

	232 200

And, adding 23 to the result of each:

	255 223

and so on.

It's really simple for you to compute and hard for them to figure out
what you have done.

For example, in the above example,  if I wanted to register my
software  -- you would give me the code of:

	Name:		tedd
	Registration:	255223

The name and registration could be stored in the resources OR in a
preference file -- your choice. The point is if everything matches,
then everything works.