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From: Richard Goodman <bhomme@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 08:52:16 -0700
George, the reason for my question is that I am presently writing musical
notes in Sebastian to the window using PRINT% (h,v) to position the notes.
I haven't yet determined how I will handle a window refresh. I thought that
if I had the notes printed in an edit field, the entire score would refresh
automatically. In view of your post, that from Jonathan, and another from
Steve van Voorst sent privately, I am now thinking that it will be easier
for me to store the music, in either arrays or strings and re-display it in
the window as necessary, than it will be to use edit fields.

Jonathon, what you describe is way, way over my head, as I'm returning to
programming after a long hiatus. The edit field would be static, but I
don't have a clue as to how to implement your suggestion.

Thanks to all who answered my query.



George Beckman wrote:
I am not sure what you are trying to do, but in my grade book, I have a
grid.  If you click on a cell, I create an edit field there, and let the
user edit the text.  When they move on, I store the info, kill the field
and place the text like this:
PRINT% ((gR-FN STRINGWIDTH(myText$))-2,gb-3) myText$;  (As You can see,
Part of this is propriatory, in that I am constantly doing calculations
about the text and grid.

I put boxes around the grid like this:

CALL MOVETO (gl,gt-1) CALL LINETO (gl,gb-1) CALL LINETO (gr-1,gb-1)


It actually is half a box, but when run, the grid is complete, except for
the edges, which are fixed easy enough.  (Thanks to STAZ for this one,
about 100 years ago.

The edit field is created like this:
CALL INSETRECT(gt,2,2) EDIT FIELD #1,myText$,@gt,_framedNoCR,_rightJust

Hope this gives you some ideas.


Best Wishes,
George mailto: gbeckman@... http://www.pggp.com


Jonathan a écrit :
having in the pursuit of my snark/grail [depends on which side of the
bottle you're viewing..] i have been through areas like this... let me
suggest that with textedit, it 'may' be possible, but it would be 'damn
hard', and your best bet is to make a textedit like structure yourself. see
r.purves bigger than 32K edit fields on the Fb Cds, to get a foot up in
this direction.

however. do you need a static or an editable field? if you just need the
former, you can probably get buy with just writing your own [simplified]
page description language, that can be feed blocks of text, containing
markup, and then diplay them.

HTH :-j