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From: Pete <furbies@...>
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 09:29:47 +1000
tedd on 6/8/01 12:52 AM  scrawled:

OK Kids...

Time to take this to the xfb list


Assistant list mum

>> Unless Tedd is much older than I think, this technique was well
>> known by the Babylonian priests around 1500 Before Christ. Recent
>> studies tend to demonstrate that also Egyptians were using it a long
>> time before, unfortunately we are still unable to rebuild the
>> computers that they used, therefore we cannot certify that they had
>> ever used FB for that matter.
>> Alain
> Alain:
> You are correct, there was mention of this in the King Narmer Palette
> (Egyptian), which was the first historical narrative circa 3100 BC --
> it's located in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Obviously, the gnome
> being an art history buff took advantage and plagiarized the text
> thinking that none of us would know any better. On the brighter side,
> however, I believe that said Palette is the first, at least in
> recorded history, graphic that shows a gnome getting his pointy
> little head flattened with a mallet. You really have to see it -- I
> can provide a graphic for those interested. As I decipher the
> inscription, the King was apparently very pissed at a gnome for
> upsetting his pet falcon.
> tedd