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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 11:24:17 -0400
>concerning tedd's recent post about a possible app to 'register' his
>applications, and my indignation, i stumbled on this article today:
>There's also been a rather heated thread on the subject on the Macintouch
>site, in regards to Totally Hip Software.  THS dropped their surreptitious
>serial-number-checking scheme after public outcry.
>Mark Lincoln

I find it interesting that they coined the term "spyware" -- neat.

My suggestion to create a spyware-like application was just a 
suggestion.  My idea was only a way to register your/my application 
and/or find out where the application was being used. I had thought 
about doing it, but decided against it because of a gamut of reasons, 
not excluding ethical ones, but excluding gnomes indignation (I find 
that when gnomes are indignant, someone must be doing something 
right). :-)

The problem we (software developers) have is several fold:

1. Shareware and Commercial applications need payment for service;

2. Shareware and Commercial applications need security from piracy;

3. Even Freeware comes with conditions;

4. And, the end user can and often does anything they can get away with.

So, what can we do about it? How do we get paid? How are our clients 
rewarded for their investment? How do we stop piracy? I don't know, 
but something isn't right -- is it?

As I see it, this spyware and the THS incident are only attempts to 
set things right, but they do so in an unfortunate light. I find it 
interesting that when the topic hits the fan, it's the software 
developers that are under the indignant microscope and not the end 
users and pirates that created the need in the first place. It's a 
brave new politically correct world that protects wrongdoers -- 
unless of course, they are victims trying to protect themselves.