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From: jonathan <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 09:49:00 +0200
le 2001/08/10 21:18, Robert Covington à artlythere@... a écrit :

> Send me a picture of yourself, I need one for Mallet Madness.

there was one in the list of beta testers. i seem to remember regretting
sending, or else just use a black hole.

> The theme was what next to attack, with  Bush's daughter's following. That
> connoted to me a certain violence, whether meant as humorous or not.

if you took the word 'attack' to mean physical violence [something i get
physically violent against :-) ] rather than 'place on the agenda as an
issue to solve' then i apologise most sincerely, as it should have been
taken in the second sense. a case of the short stubby fingers [or more
likely the short stubby brain] again, i'm afraid.

> I am plenty nice. Maybe not in print with a guh-nome, but in real life I
> am. If you are going to pass yourself off as a gnome, I will pass the
> mallet. It is the only form of gnome control I can think of. I restrict
> malleting to only gnomes too, don't exaggerate. Real people get a hammer.
> Ask my brother's toe.

ok. offering virtual violence to a [lilliputian] online minority may not be
violent in your books. but you perceived my suggestion to add the bush
daughters to our agenda of things to solve as being violent? which, my
little furry friend is the more violent? as to whether this list needs gnome
control... that's for bill to decide, not you. if mom objects to my posts,
he'll tell me to calm down [or auntie pete, when mom is absent].

philosophical question; do i pass myself off as a gnome? in this list i am a
gnome and there is no way to contest that. if you wish to treat me
differently because of that, that says more about thee than me, no? would
you treat someone badly 'cos she professes to be gay/black/italian/a
litterature student/lost/underage/a lurker/a stool/serving time/president?
maybe we should just treat everyone here well... or at lest until such time
as their online behaviour causes them to cross the line, and in that case,
it's mom's job to throw guido at 'em.

anyway it was staz who started this malleting nonsense, no?

> But I would point out that your own national idol (and mine),
> Laetitia Casta has relocated due to tax considerations causing a national
> calamity to some degree.

lætitia casta published a denial of the story. if she is so much your idol
you should know. tax may be too high here, i don't know, they haven't asked
me for any for years. i still don't know who lætitia casta is BTW, french
politics is alain's 'point faible', i'm just a wetback here, and i read the
press releases, but that's about all.

> His daughters are their own human beings, and being children, they are
> going to go in the exact opposite of whatever pa-pa is. Anyway, I am sure
> his own drinking gave them a good example to follow when they were most
> impressionable. :)

children will generally go against parents when they see the standards being
imposed upon them as being unfair and arbitrary, whereas if they are brought
as responsible beings and matters are discussed and negociated, they tend to
realise the consequences of their actions. while state law may been seen as
unfair and arbitrary, it is up to the kids to decide, like anyone else, if
they want to break the law, and suffer the consequences. i chose not to
discuss your president's past drink problem, although i have little estime
for the guy, if he has managed to break that habit and stay clean so much
the better; it was probably not easy, and there is probably many an eve when
he would like to sit down with a nice beer or bourbon, and he knows he
can't. i have known different folks with addiction problems and its a
continual combat. i sincerely hope that he manages to stay clean.

ok. i'll let you reply to this one, and then we can drop the subject.
anyway, i'll have to put up with your comments as i need you to put me up
when i make my trip to the states and sleep on the floor of as many
listmembers as possible. [hey, i wonder if the airline would count me as
cabin luggage?]