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From: Craig Hoyt <aztech4mac@...>
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 12:51:35 -0700
>Craig Hoyt on 11/8/01 9:53 AM  scrawled:
>> Hi all...
>> Can anyone out there help me with a problem. I have an application that
>> churns data for a long durations. This requires no interaction from a human
>> so keys aren't pressed or mice clicked. My problem is not with my FB
>> application  but other programs that are meant to surface during long idle
>> periods. Norton disk doc is one but there are many others including
>> Sherlock - it waits for idle periods to index a volume. My question is; is
>> there a way to post a false event to fool these programs into thinking that
>> there is a human at the wheel and keep these little buggers under the rocks
>> where they belong?
>> Thanks,
>> Craig
>Maybe you could use POSTEVENT ?
>I've never used it but accourding to ThinkRef it lets you post an event

Pete - Thanks for the reply. I suspected a call or a poke into the event
que would work but does anybody know how to do this? I recall, a long time
ago reading about a system global in low mem that was checked for such a
thing but I don't know what that was, if it's still valid, and if the other
programs use it. Surly, there is a way to do this and somebody knows how.

Thanks again
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