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From: Ken Shmidheiser <k.shmidheiser@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 11:16:00 -0400
Terrald reported:

>Ken...I did the _eightBits and 32767 and HANDSHAKE stuff....should have
>changed some of that before....however, did not make the change...I can hear
>from both computers that they are connecting to the modem and the Receive
>app. Does show the connect rate but does not seem to be getting data.
>I did look  at the zTerm stuff but maybe I need to try it again to see if
>the send app is working....could you give me that address for it again



One question I forgot to ask is, where is your data supposed to go on 
the receiving end?

As your receiving application currently is constructed, the data is 
simply printed to a window-- I see no provision to save it as a file 
on the receiving end.

Also, exactly where are you seeing the connect rate? Is this is in a 
terminal window you have created? Or do you have an external modem 
with an LED display?

Whatever you do, on the receiving app keep:

  OPEN "C",_modemPort,57600,_noParity,_oneStopBit,_eightBits,32767

Unless the receiving modem was made prior to the early 1980s (or is 
owned by the Associated Press which is notorious for its obsolete 
equipment) it won't be using _sevenBits.

I can't really offer a suggestion on buffer size in OPEN "C" since 
32K would fill and entire EDIT FIELD. You may have to experiment with 
smaller buffers on both ends. Rather than sending a lengthy document, 
why not try to get this working with just one word, "Hello" being the 
classic choice using the smallest buffers on both sides. I guarantee 
that when you see that word, "Hello", on the receiving end, you will 
be enveloped with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Since you appear to be printing to the local window, I'm beginning to 
wonder if you need to turn on local echo on the receiving modem. 
Normally this would be used only to return characters typed from the 
local keyboard back to the terminal window so it's probably not a 
valid idea, but a this point we begin to explore all options. (The 
modem command for local echo is ATE1 (ATtention Echo _true).

You are very close to the solution since you have both aural and 
visual feedback that the modems have successfully negotiated the 
connection. If you see no data in the ZTerm window, the problem will 
probably be in the transmitting app. (BTW, be sure to specify a 
download folder in the ZTerm preferences.)

I detect a tone of frustration in your posts similar to when you were 
working out your STR# challenges. Do not give up now, you are on the 
verge of a break-through and will soon to become the FB^3 "modem 


p.s. When you get the ZTerm package, send Dave Alverson an e-mail 
with your code explaining your problem. He codes in C, but I would 
venture to guess that he can provide some hints to help point you in 
the right direction. Plus, I hear he's a nice guy.