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From: Ken Shmidheiser <k.shmidheiser@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 12:19:55 -0400
Paul Bruneau observed:

>This is related to one of my concerns. In the 80s on my Vic20 and 64, I
>would download stuff using Xmodem (then Ymodem and Zmodem), which had
>various checksumming protocols to ensure that an "A" character didn't
>get hit with a piece of static and turn into a "B" character.
>When sending files in a homegrown way (especially over a modem!), some
>kind of checksumming is going to be required, is it not?

Terrald, after Paul's excellent observation (I always used Zmodem due 
to its ability to resume a file transfer after a dropped line. But 
the code for Zmodem would take some time to translate to FB), I 
revisited your earlier post:

>To THE guys....
>What the reason/need for this is when we file insurance files, we send the
>printed paper stuff.  Over the years the companies have wanted the data to
>be sent to them over the phone (modem).  Now it is not that they are
>recommending, they are saying yes or else.
>The data will need to be transmitted and of course the modem will need to
>know if their modem answers and if it is taking the data....after it is
>transmitted they will then transmit some data for confirmation.... Obviously
>their computers are PC, but that is not important....we just need to
>transmit data to the other part of the state.
>Zterm, I did download and look at....but it does not show me how to do the
>information stuff....the data transfer will have to be in my/our program.

I am wondering if you are trying to reinvent the wheel here. What 
form does your data take? Is it simply an ASCII text file? Any 
terminal program can send and receive ASCII data, along with complete 
files, to any other terminal, regardless of platform. Perhaps you 
could be a little more specific in what you need.

Another question is: What program are they using on the PC end to 
receive the data? If it's something like Hyperterminal, I think the 
solution may be easier than you realize.