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From: Lake Group <fstech@...>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 20:30:28 -0400
Hey Robert,

> Is there any way for a FB3 app to integrate into/with a C++ app?

I *think* this might depend on how much integration you need. Are you
writing a segment within their code or are you writing a standalone that
accesses their code during runtime or are you writing a plug-in/filter or do
you just need their header files?

I do feel for you as I know how hard it is to break-away from FB. I learned
asm just so I could use it inline for non-supported TLBX calls over using
CW. Now that's dedication! (BTW, it was worth purchasing CW just to quickly
dig out the trap calls from their headers!) But given a choice between
losing a job and working in a language that I hate, I think I'd at least
make the attempt in C(++) if it comes to that. The comedienne Carol Leifer
once said: "My husband gets so upset when we're driving and he gets lost...
it's like he'll never get back to his life." Likewise, learning a new
language doesn't have to displace the old one. Just think of it as a
temporary pit-stop, or bit-stop! (Too corny, even for me! ;)


> From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
> Reply-To: futurebasic@...
> Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 15:12:11 -0400
> To: futurebasic@...
> Subject: [FB] Any way at all?
> Is there any way for a FB3 app to integrate into/with a C++ app?
> Appleevents? Anything? (they still might not go for it)
> Is there anybody here who can port FB3 to functional C++?
> I am about to have to pass on a job with Strata if there isn't a workable
> solution. I hate missing a big opportunity to actually make some bucks and
> grow as a programmer.
> Maybe it is time for me to learn C++.  Then programming won't be fun anymore.
> This would be strike 2 in this regard, Photoshop plugin integration being
> the first one.  :(
> I hope somebody in a position to change this for the better is listening, I
> love my FB.
> Robert Covington
> ps does anybody know any online place still selling OS 8.6 for cheap?
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