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From: MoorePrint@...
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:15:13 EDT
I have an FB3 application that has database functions. We print reports that 
include data from the database. Some of my users would like to customize the 
reports. One report in particular is created by writing a text file that has 
rtf formatting all created with fb3 PRINT statements. The rtf file is then 
loaded into the users favorite word processor. I was thinking of creating a 
template file that the customer could edit in a word processor, then load 
that template into memeory, replace "place holders" for data with the data 
using INSTR then writing the completed file back out.

I'm thinking this would allow my users to change fonts, style, position etc. 
If I could do this and keep it an rtf file I maintain compatibility with 
practically all word processors.

I may want to do the same thing with an invoice, but it would not be an rtf 
file because it is not used with a separate word processor. I would have to 
make the templates for the invoice editable in FB3 in whatever the fb3 styled 
format is.

Has anyone done something similar and have any tips for me as I consider this 
"template" project?

Bruce Moore