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From: jonathan <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 23:52:24 +0200
le 2001/09/11 20:01, Brian Stevens à brilor@... a écrit :

> jonathon - it is difficult to be calm when *thousands* of people are
> killed in one attack. Estimates (so far---it is expected to increase)
> are approximately 10,000 people killed just in Manhattan. That
> doesn't count the Pentagon and others like the State Department.  US
> military is on the "highest" alert (read ready for war), so I think
> tedd's description about the US declaring war on someone is certainly
> within the realm of possibility. Preliminary estimates (and these
> have been known to be inaccurate) indicate the damage from this
> attack to be greater than Peal Harbor, and we all know what action
> the US took in that case.

i know it is difficult to be calm. i am not involved, not american and wish
i could vomit and rid myself of this terrible weight. tonight there are
hundreds of thousands of families terrified by this, hoping desperately for
news from family. in the days to come there will be tens of thousands of
grieved families.

but calm, at this point, is the only 'humane' choice. no reasonable person
can look at what is currently happening and be content. those displays of
'joy' that we have seen are troubled people who need our help and, in time,
understanding; they must come to understand that it is not because you
suffer, that you take happiness from the suffering of others. all suffering
is bad, from wherever it comes.

yes, we do realise, just as you do, that the american government would
probably be justified in making a severe reaction, once they are able to
identify the guilty parties. and how many innocents will suffer still? here
in the cafés people are talking about cruise missiles, or even nukes on
afghanistan, being the next step, without even having confirmation of
anything. any reaction of this degree - while understood in the context, and
the pain - will only breed more hate, more pain, more suffering.

my thoughts are with you all as you, like us, wait and listen, perhaps
hoping from news from friends and family.


i'll stop posting on this subject; but i see the members of the list as my
friends, and feel for you all. if anyone needs to keep chatting, don't
hesitate to mail me, we'll go backchannel.