[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Sending an AppleEvent to a program that is not running.

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From: George Beckman <gbeckman@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 23:58:25 -0700
on 9/15/01 9:32 AM, Ian Mann at i.mann@... wrote:

> I need to send a list of file names to another program.
> The other program should start itself up and process the files.
> I think this is easy but I can't remember where I've seen the how to.
> Any Ideas ???


I do it this way.  (Actually, I have app #1 write a file that App #2 will
process.)   I work in PG so you may have to find you own routines.

First, each program needs to have its own creator signature.

(you may not need this step)
I write the file with the second program's creator

Then is is just a matter of sending an AppleEvent that opens the file, just
as if you double clicked it... the Finder will call app #2 and all will be
gHandyVar=FN AEOpenFile("The File",gSaveVol)

If the app is open then...
This will send the gTheFile$ to the App "My Second App"
FN gAESendMsg(gTheFile$,"My Second App")

In a PG app, this looks for the event.  I send an "I'M Awake to make sure we
actually have a dialog. Otherwise you may be sending stuff and there is no
one on the other end of the line.  Here my users are viewing the files and
manipulating them or tossing them.  You can toss the other window build

  CASE _otherNullEvent
    LONG IF gWakingUp%=1
      FN AESendMsg("I'm Awake","App One")
    END IF
    LONG IF LEN(gAEinfo$)'STAZ kindly fills this if there is an AppleEvent
      LONG IF LEN(gSaveName$)=0
        FN pGbuild(_infoCheckWnd)
        CALL PARAMTEXT("Hey, App 2 just sent another file.  If you don't
want it, cancel the next dialog.","","","")
        FN pGshowErr(0)
        FN pGbuild(_ApplyThisToWnd)
        FN PutApply
      END IF
    END IF

Hope this helps.
Best Wishes,

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