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From: Dan Carlisle <carlisle@...>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 08:23:39 -0500
My vote would be for German.  There are a lot of good engineering / 
computer science books that have been publish in German only in 
Germany/Austria/Switzerland because there is such a large number of 
engineers over there.  Many people may say Spanish is best for the US 
since there is a large Spanish speaking population here.  But how 
many good Engineering / Computer Science books are published in 
Spanish? Very little I would assume.
I guess if your goal was to interact with Spanish speaking customers 
in the Americas that would be the way to go.  I took some Spanish in 
High School and then two years of German in College.  The summer 
before my last year in college I went on an Engineering Internship 
Exchange for three months in Germany. While there I sat in on some 
engineering presentations given at one of the Universities.  A few of 
the lectures were given in English (mainly by non-Germans) but the 
majority of the papers presented where published in German only and 
the presentations given German.


>Or should I say I'm back? (Bill already used that title some time ago)
>I've been away from the list for awhile, I've had some life-altering 
>career-path education-like thingies to consider.  I'm catching up a 
>little at the archives.
>I'd like to apologize to jonathan for not responding.  I got your 
>message regarding the NavServices pop up but I had a computer crash 
>and lost a months worth of changes to my computer.  I really 
>shouldn't say crash as I was installing LinuxPPC on a partition and 
>my main partition got corrupted.  If you still need that NavServices 
>stuff let me know.
>(Now I have a second computer, an iMac with an Ethernet hub 
>connected to my main computer. It has RedHat Linux installed on it. 
>I am such a geekette!)
>In case anyone is wondering, which is doubtful, I've been trying to 
>figure what to do for a career.  You'd like that at (30 + x) years 
>old I'd have figured that out.  After giving it much too much 
>thought, I did what I should have started out with.  I took a career 
>assessment test.  Amongst the list are such careers as Systems 
>Administrator, IT Manager, and Systems Analyst.  Odd thing is that 
>computer programmer isn't listed but according to the systems 
>analyst career info you have to start there to get to it.
>How does this relate to FB?  Well after spending time 'surveying' 
>some other languages, it's obvious that FB is the most fun and 
>tweakable.  Looks like I'll be sticking with programming after all, 
>especially FB.  I just hope I'll be able find work as a Mac 
>programmer someday.  Windows? ewww!  Also due to my 'advanced age' 
>I'll only be able to get an A.S. degree for now.
>P.S. as part of my degree requirements I should take a 'human' 
>language.  For instance, for astronomy majors, German, Russian, or 
>French is recommended.  Can anyone recommend a good language for 
>Computer Science?  I can choose between French, German, Italian, 
>Latin, and Spanish.
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