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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 01:54:39 +0200
MoorePrint@... wrote:
> I have a fairly large FB^3 app that sometimes won't star because of a -199
> error. This is some kind of resource error and you can't even open the
> application with resedit to see which resouce is messed up.
> I notices something strange when shutting down or quitting the applicatrion,
> then the next time I tried to run it I got the -199 error. I think something
> is going wrong when the application quits. It is a prgram generator/FB^3
> application and this has been occuring since we moved from FB2 to FB3. It
> occurs only on rare occasion, but as I get more users the recurrance of the
> problem is getting to be a pain.
> Doesn't a PG/FB^3 application automatically save the window positions on
> quit? I am not doing anything on a normal quit. What if a PG/FB^3 app is told
> to quit by the finder in the case where the app is running and the computer
> is shutdown from the finder?
> The problem does not occur with enough frequency that I can tell much about
> it, but I wonder if I should be doing something in the case of a normal quit,
> or when the finder is shuting down the computer and tells the app to quit.
> Has anyone experience any bug in FB^3 associated with resource problems on
> shutdown or other sources of the -199 error?
> I also suspect that the problem could be related to a Mac system that is in
> need of a desktop rebuild. Maybe the app can't find itself to store the
> window positions?
> Any ideas, comments, suggestions?


it sounds like your program overwrites memory, in that case you are
on your own to find the offending part of the code that does it.
However, you might possibly use Georges's trick that prevents the PG
apps from writing in their own resource fork, that way your app
wouldn't be destroyed beyond recovery (trashing the pref file would
be the immediate cure).



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