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From: Heather Donahue <heatherd@...>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 15:47:46 -0700
At 9:17 PM +0200 on 10/5/01, jonathan wrote:

>  > So I guess that the correct definition in FB^3 is something like this:
>  > Toolbox fn AECoerceDesc(AEDesc *  theAEDesc,  DescType toType,  AEDesc *
>>  result) = OSErr `0x303C, 0x0603, 0xA816
>and, for the moment... all this appears to work. however i couldn't find it
>in the standard headers... perhaps you have a 'heatherised' version? or do
>you mean apple's univ. headers and not the fb ones?

I had to add AECoerceDesc because the WASTE editor uses it in the C 
version.  I didn't have the inline 68k code since WASTE was in a 
shared library and can't use it.  It isn't in the standard headers, 
you'll have to add it to your project.

As to the correct definition, the form I provided (TOOLBOX FN 
AECoerceDesc (@AEDesc,DescType,@AEDesc) = SInt16) was from Universal 
Headers (via Waverly E's Toolbox Converter)

The other one (TOOLBOX FN AECoerceDesc (LONG, LONG, LONG) = WORD) is 
more simplified.  Some people like that form, I forget what the 
differences are between them.