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From: Michele Neri <nerimic@...>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 18:49:11 +0200
>le 2001/10/08 14:22, Keiji Goto à kappalab@... a écrit :
>>  Do you mean if it is illegal? This is something I cannot tell.
>>  The site itself seems to be quite informative and can have a
>>  potential to become the major source for FB programmers in
>>  Japan. The pages are well designed and constructed. Personally,
>>  I love it.
>futurebasic as a name is intellectual property of staz software, inc.
>so any 'misuse' could be illegal. this site may be an outshoot of 'mode'
>whom i believe are the japanese distributors of fb. it may be a 'fan' site.
>whatever the situation, it is wise for staz to have this checked out.
>if you say that it looks good and that the information is good, that's
>great. i just prefer that staz knows what's happening. that's all.
>thanks for taking the time to check and post.

I don't think that it's an official site but, reading the site with
the conversion of http://world.altavista.com/, it seems very
interesting at least for the Carbon examples:


The two examples in this page are very interesting!

The UHconverter seems a competitor of the Toolbox Helper, I can't
test it because I can't understand the Japanese. I hope to see that
tool translated in English soon (also if it was developed with
another basic environment).

Also the http://rinbrand.hoops.jp/ site seems very interesting (great
examples) and I like very much the logo.

I don't know if they asked the permission to register the
futurebasic.net domain, it sounds weird to use a trademark as domain
name without any right to use it. Of course a domain like that needs
a translation in English, also if I know (for my experience) that
it's very hard to maintain a bi-language site.

Anyway, in my opinion, the FB's community needs more sites and more
tools like this.