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From: jonathan <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 01:50:34 +0200
le 2001/10/21 1:36, Ken Shmidheiser à k.shmidheiser@... a écrit :

> DEF LCASE$( caseStr )

there is an oversite in the toolbox uppercase/lowercase functions [which are
called into play by the FB function]:
some ligautures that figure in the standard mac typeface are not transcoded,
namely 'ß' which is not a 'beta' but a german 'ss', as in 'strasse/straße' -
thus this should be mapped to 'ß -> SS'. also, the 'fi [Þ]' and 'fl [þ]'
ligatures do not get mapped to 'FI' and 'FL' respectively.

i would humbly [feeling a bit fragile since my recent decapitation] suggest
that any 'universal' implementation should have a 'mac' flag that when set
would map these correctly, and ignore them if unset.