[futurebasic] newbie's newbie question:

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From: Jeffrey Stephens <jmaxman@...>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 06:06:48 -0600

I did programming from around '86 to '91 or so and have not been back to it
since then. I am relearning in BASIC with FB II. I assume, from what I have
seen here, two things:

1) most everyone on this list is a professional programmer
          or has a great deal of experience generating their own
2) I am in desperate need of upgrading to FB^3 as FB II is
          longer supported

Since I can only go as fast as I can go in getting back up to
speed; and I cannot afford to update just yet, is there another
list to which I can subscribe to help me along? I don't wish
to bog this one down with a bunch of newbie questions. Or,
for that matter, tick a bunch of you off with same.

Hopefully, down the line a bit - a few months or so, perhaps -
I will be able to come back to this list without feeling like I
am completely out of my league.

Thanks for any info on alternate lists.

Jeffrey Stephens