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From: jonathan <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 13:23:16 +0100
le 2001/11/09 13:13, Herbie Gluender à H.Gluender@... a
écrit :

> Dear Ken,

no ken is the hairy one in the corner playing with the bricks, i'm the
pointy-headed one over here scribbling on the board...
> we had this list discussion for several times already and I think we all agree
> now that FB^3 cannot compile this kind of stuff, be it DCODs, shared Libs, or
> any other non application code.

thanks for posting herbie,
yes, we know that, the RFC plug-ins sets out to remedy that fact and to
provide a fb^3 solution. if you want to participate then join.
> This means, no FB^3 PlugIns for whatever application, be it your own,
> photoshop or else...

no. this means, _at the moment_ no PPC plug-ins. and this is not an ad-vitum
aeternum situation. you can however use fbII-type plug-ins with your fb^3
apps. just some of us think that things could be hotter, so we have gathered
together to do something about it. that's all. the point is _not_ to repeat
old discussions, especially not on list where everyone just rolls over and
says 'boring, boring'. that's all.