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From: Mars Saxman <marssaxman@...>
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 98 01:31:59 -0800
>I went another route.  I incorporated my timer techniques in my data
>files. (Only works if your app creates files, of course)  I like the outcome.
>My demos are un-crippled.  They run for ever.  The data created gets timed out
>after 30 days.  Registered copies revive the data for the user.  When the user
>tries to set the clock back, I pop up a "Please Check Your Clock Battery" and
>set up for shutdown.

The slickest timed demo I've ever seen was the one InterNews uses. It 
doesn't care what time it is, period. All it does is note whenever the 
date changes, and decrement a counter in its newsgroup subscription file. 
You can set the clock forward, backward, whatever - it doesn't matter. 

So it only ticks the counter down on days you actually use it. It's a 
little different approach than most timed demos, but is very hard to get