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From: jonnnathan@...
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 20:43:51 +0100
Le mardi 4 décembre 2001, à 05:32 , Alain Pastor a écrit :

> Robert Covington wrote:
>> There is one problem I note often that I don't know how to fix other 
>> than
>> to do Button _Markedbtn, then Button _ActiveBtn again on a 
>> refresh...if you
>> give a window a background color...then the pixels in the corners of
>> buttons get grayed over...and only a MarkedBtn, ActiveBtn fake will 
>> reclaim
>> those minor pixels.
>> Wherever the masks for buttons lie, there is a minor pixel error in the
>> corners.
> I have a similar problem in one of my old projects; it is still to
> be fixed and I don't know how, perhaps playing with clipping region
> or transfer mode is the ticket, according to your expression.

perhaps if autoclip is on, when fb builds the clip region it grabs the 
bounding rect of the btns rather than their regions?