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From: jonnnathan@...
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 17:35:16 +0100
Le mercredi 12 décembre 2001, à 04:39 , Jeff810095@... a écrit :

> Actually, I had a lot of complaints about FB3 and, mainly, the user

i don't see how you can effectively do a code-based IDE without having a 
text editor at the heart somewhere.
you could try to do something like vip, but at some point you're gonna 
need to edit the code.

i'd see any 'helix express'-type interface as a hindrance, not a feature.

personally a clean text editor is just fine. i spend  most of my days in 

> I didn't realize this "filter" was ummmm....less
> than simple to use [and now I'm told it won't even do what I need with 
> this
> project].

from my point of view, there's nothing that stops anyone reading inside 
mac (or inside carbon as it is now called) and just getting on with 
things. try doing that if you're working inside some wierd user 
interface thingy.