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From: Jeff810095@...
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 10:34:54 EST

What can I say. "You Da Man!" (again). Thank you. How can we put what you 
(and some others here) know into a integrated Help/Learning system for FB? 
Some of you guys here truly amaze me with what you know (that video motion 
detector you did with QT still impresses me). IMHO Staz Inc. should construct 
a business model that can tap into the resources of guys like you to improve 
FB and, in return, compensate you guys somehow....humm? I think there was a 
guy named Bill from Seattle that did that? Can't think of his last name right 
now....I'm sure one of you guys know it :)

You guys on this board clearly want to help each other and share your 
learning and skills with others. Why not channel that into real products that 
people can use and enjoy....while getting paid for it so you can keep doing 
what you enjoy doing in the first place?

Anyway, I will try and fully digest your explanation and see if or how I can 
build on it to communicate with the PrintMate. Thanks again....I know others 
here appreciate it too.


>>Perhaps you really should change the platform.<<

So you DON'T want using AppleTalk and TCP/IP to be easier? Ok, everybody 
write that down....Herbie DOESN'T want using networks easy, he's for keeping 
FB "highly flexible" :) You DO want Serial Port support though right? If not 
Staz will have to take out the Print and Write commands (they really are too 
easy to use anyway...you'd think FB was supposed to be a "Basic"). How about 
USB? :)

I can tell you, judging by the posts here and private email I have received 
there are A LOT of other users who want more from FB....and access to 
networks like AppleTalk and TCP/IP. And I'm sorry if I upset some here who 
want no change and like everything just the way it is (...actually I'm not 
hee-hee :)
>>My impression is you want a _different_ FutureBasic.<<

YEP! How did you figure that out? I am continually amazed by the resistance 
of some of the people here to improving FB's "useabilty" (marketability) and 
to making it more enjoyable to use, fun to use and productive. And frankly, I 
think some of you guys are selfish. I think there are real world realities 
which you choose to ignore for your own selfish reasons. When I was younger I 
had Kawasaki motorcycles. If Kawasaki was building the same motorcycles they 
built in '72 and '74 (much as I loved them) they would be out of the 
motorcycle business today. While great in their time, they would not stand a 
chance against today's bikes from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki...and now KTM (49.9HP 
from a 250cc motor....amazing!!).

Last time I checked there were about 300 subscribers to this list. Wouldn't 
you like to see it grow to 1500 or 2000? Do the math, 300 people buying FB 
upgrades is not enough money to keep one talented programmer paid. Let alone 
a staff and then pay for office space, equipment, insurance and all the rest. 
Why would you NOT want FB to be better? To have network tools? To be easier 
to use for more people? To have more users and greater sales and a larger 
following and community of programmers? I am dumfounded at your "logic". And 
you would still be able to get "deep and dirty" if you wish...it's just some 
us would like to see some tools added and have an improved "environment" to 
work in.

Some of you guys remind me of the stodgy old British Navy who wanted nothing 
to do with the new fangled "steam turbine" engine.....until its' inventor ran 
circles around their ships at a public assembly of ships demonstrating how 
better it was....then they all loved and wanted them (and were willing to pay 
$ to get them).