[futurebasic] Randomised global array of records!

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From: David Cottrell <David.Cottrell@...>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 15:30:19 +1000
Hi All - this worked once - I think - but does not anymore. Can anyone 
see another way to randomly order some items in an array of records. Not 
the array is global, but I don't know its initial size. This is taken 
from a very large project that has stopped working :(

This is based on Alain's code to do  much the same thing (except that 
was a fixed length array.



'                       Runtime : RNTM Lite.INCL
'                           CPU : cpuPPC
'                      Debugger : On
'               DIM'd Vars Only : On
'              No Re-DIM'd Vars : On
'                    CALL Req'd : Off
'                 Register Vars : On
'                MacsBug Labels : On
'           Ary Bounds Checking : On
'                     QB Labels : Off
'                 Optimize STR# : Off
'         Make Line Start Table : Off
'                 Show Warnings : On

begin globals

dim record ObjectList
dim selected%'order in list
dim fileType&'File Type eg _"sfil"
dim 33 fileName$'File Name
dim end record .gFileListSz

Xref@ gFileInfo.gFileListSz (10000)'global array for sound files

end globals

LOCAL FN setUpDataArray (noPoints,ptSize)
dim memReq&
dim memAvail&
dim myHndl as handle

memReq&       = (noPoints+1) * ptSize'calculate memory required
memAvail&     = SYSTEM(_memAvail)'get available memory
LONG IF memReq& < memAvail&'check that there is enough memory
myHndl     = FN NEWHANDLE _clear (memReq&)'create new handle
'gHndlSize&  = memReq&'store the current handle size
XELSE'if not enough memory
'FN pGshowErr(16)
END FN = myHndl

local fn fillData
dim as int x
for x = 1 to 12
gFileInfo.fileName$(x) = "FileName"+str$(x)
gFileInfo.fileType&(x) = _"type"
next x
end fn

LOCAL FN betterRNDfiles (firstItem%,lastItem%)
/*This function randomises a global XREF@ array of fileNames
and file types
dim as int K,range
dim as int randomIndex
dim as STR255 fileN1,fileN2
dim type1&,type2&

range = lastItem% - firstItem%

FOR K = firstItem% TO lastItem%
randomIndex = rnd(range+1)+firstItem%-1
long if randomIndex <= lastItem%'be be sure
swap gFileInfo.fileName$(K),gFileInfo.fileName$(randomIndex)
swap gFileInfo.fileType&(K),gFileInfo.fileType&(randomIndex)
end if


local fn printData
dim as int x
for x = 1 to 12
print gFileInfo.fileName$(x)
print gFileInfo.fileType&(x)
next x
end fn

gFileInfo.nil& = FN setUpDataArray (13,_gFileListSz)
fn filldata
FN betterRNDfiles (3,12)
fn printData