[futurebasic] R6 Appearance Edit Field Questions

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From: Douglas Stemen <dstemen@...>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 06:46:13 -0500
I am converting my 180,000 FB3 program to be cpuPPC appearance compliant in
Classic OS and have several problems & question as follows.

1.Unlike my old cpuPPC setup (with Rntm FBII.Incl and Tlbx Appearance.Incl
in the headers), Appearance runtime FB3 is automatically making the next
edit field active (based on field number) when TAB is pressed before hitting
my ON DIALOG FN dodialog routine.  I must test the contents of edit fields
in the FN dodialog before making an edit field active when TAB is pressed.
How do I stop this?

2. What is the purpose of dialog event _efSelected and how does is relate to
_efTab and _efClick?

3. Appearance edit fields created with _usePlainFrame creates edits fields
that are larger than the standard runtime edit fields. Unless this can be
fixed this will result in massive changes to my program. Edit fields
separated by 3 or less pixels on the horizontal boundary seem to have have
portions of the frames white where they are in proximity to a lower (or
later created) edit field. Is there any way to make the appearance plain
frame edit fields the same size as standard basic edit fields and stop this
whiteout of borders?

4. Just to make sure I have the headers portion of my program correct ( I
didn't see anything obvious in the documentation about how to do this),...
to make this Appearnace compliant the only thing I had to do was replace
Rntm FBII.Incl and Tlbx Appearance.Incl with Rntm Appearance.Incl. Correct?


Doug Stemen