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From: John H. Guillory <johng@...>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 16:40:18 -0600
On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 17:01:01 EST, you wrote:

>Most of this toolbox stuff is over my head. It's not covered well enough in 
>the FB3 docs. I like the reference manual and I have referred to Frank 
>Turovich books, but with all the new carbon stuff I need more info. 
>I don't know anything about C. I am a basic programmer. Does someone have a 
>suggestion of a book that will help me write carbon compliant code in fb3/PG 
>that uses toolbox calls?

O.k., I know this isn't going to go really well in a FB^3 group, but
on my CD for Real Basic is a really cool program someone wrote that
list all the toolbox calls in VB style Define's in a cool scroll-box
style program... It also list all structures needed for the call I
think, without ever knowing a single Toolbox call, I seemed to be able
to figure out some of the calls in the toolbox, and match some up to
an equivilant to MS Windows API.... (which for Real Basic, being
multi-platform works out pretty good).... But, from what I read
somewhere, it might be best not to rely on toolbox calls ;-) I seem to
recall that in OSX they dropped some of the serial port calls or
something according to a message posted here.... Might be safer just
coding it without the toolbox calls if you can.  In Future Basic, my
applications seem lightning fast without any toolbox calls, and that
was even when I was just starting off on my Performa 636CD!  Unless
you really want to get low-level on something, I don't see much need
for Toolbox calls, and even then, your bound to blow Carbon or OSX
compatibility if you go murking around with low-levelness....