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From: gnome <gnome@...>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 00:05:55 +0100
John H. Guillory [who like living dangerously] wrote:

> O.k., I know this isn't going to go really well in a FB^3 group, but
> on my CD for Real Basic is a really cool program someone wrote that
> list all the toolbox calls in VB style Define's in a cool scroll-box
> style program... It also list all structures needed for the call

don't worry john we won't shoot you for posting this. anyway, it's nice
to see that bunch of young upstarts helping their public :-)

seriously, there is [i believe] a list of toolbox calls that fb
'knows', in the help files. but as you, myself and others have noted,
you can get by for most without messing with this.

it can get confusing because lots of things that we took for
granted have changed ever so slightly. i think that that, rather than
a real need for new toolbox calls is the source of confusion.

however, if anyone does feel that there is information lacking,
then this is the place to say, or mail me directly. we're always
looking out for new subjects for the web site, and we will
probably be posting more of them as downloadable files as
time goes by.

if you don't holla, we can't know!


> Unless
> you really want to get low-level on something, I don't see much need
> for Toolbox calls, and even then, your bound to blow Carbon or OSX
> compatibility if you go murking around with low-levelness....

just to clear up any confusion. toolbox calls as documented in inside
carbon are not 'low-level'. the 'low-mem' addresses that people did
use are gone, and you can't use them. alain has listed them all [!],
and has added the new toolbox calls that replace them. so if you did
used to knit your lowlevel stuff you can find the info there.

all the toolbox calls in 'inside carbon' [that's the new name for
inside mac] are ok in carbon, so they won't break in classic nor mac
os x.