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From: gnome <gnome@...>
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 13:22:36 +0200
1 - this list will be moved to a server in albania or
failing that in turkemistan.

2 - only posters using an anonymous remailer will be
allowed to post

3 - to further aid matters all 'from' fields on posts
will be filled with a randomised 'name' drawn for
18 random alphanumerics [randon number generator
courtesy of rp].

4 - a sophisticated parsing mechanism will compare
all posts to databases of world names, brands and trademarks
[algorithm courtesy jay and ken] that will use a similar
mechanism to 3 [above] to substitue for any possible

5 - a 'list mom bot' will substitute 'xxxxxx' for any
speech deemed to be potentially slanderous [alain
will be helping jay on this implementation].

6 - all source code posted will first of all be
translated to serbo-croate then portuguese and then
back to english in order to remove any possibly
offensive variable names. [babelfish]. in the process
random lines from previous posts will be included in
case the source code is copyrighted. [my usual technique].

7 - sigs, countries, names and all possible material
permitting identification will be blocked out as per 5 [above].

8 - the list will grind to a halt and posters will revert to
PPTP <http://www.ne2.com/> for further communication.
[see also <http://news.com.com/2100-1001-257064.html?legacy=cnet>
for a real life application of the above. no it was not an
april fool.]


there you go, now that i've solved all the problems here,
i'll turn my attention on solving other pressing problems...
pass me the number of the whitehouse please.