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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 13:48:01 -0400
BB, commented while in a rambling indictment of afterhours emailing:

>covington said:
>>   the Masterbyters among us will note that a window rect
>>   is an oft used beast for setting all manner of things...
>>   you can set the Zoom with it, you can create a Gworld with it,
>>   scroll with it, invert it, invalidate it, clip to it, and more.
>all true.
>except none of it relevant.

Or course. Naturally. If it were, then you would have to be wrong, and your
psyche won't allow for that. You are after all,  The Ever Smug and
Infallible One, able to always change context in a single bound to avoid
prosecution, and thus responsibility for Troll-age.


It is completely relevent in the context presented.

>ken's rect was a local variable only, rather than a global, so
>it would have to be respecified to do any of the things you mention.

Negative. Only if it was outside that FN, or you didn't pass it to another
FN using a pointer.

And that also depends on your compiler preferences anyway.
Non-consequential. Just dim it in another place to start with.


>and a window-sized rect is easy enough to specify anyway,
>using the window(_width) and window(_height) parameters.

More typing. Your goal was to limit that wasn't it? :)

>the point you're trying to make is that thinking ahead and
>programming flexibility into your proceedings is smart...
>and i agree with that point.

Goodie, there's hope. :)

 but in fact, the basis of my post
>was that ken's example as it was given vis a vis the skeleton
>didn't actually show how pre-planning and flexibility would
>give the programmer a better result.  neither did your examples.

Wrongarino, Maraschino.  You are guilty of a bad reality distortion
approach to argument. My fault for knowing this and proceeding anyway. :)

Ken's example was a Not Even Required Bit of Help for those who might need
it. Your taking any issue at all with it is thus Non-Contributory.

>so i think my awareness that the point hadn't actually been made
>demonstrates i have a greater awareness of that point than you,
>since you're blindly applying the "greater flexibility approach"
>even in a case which is one where it gives no greater flexibility...

Wrong again, grass puppy. :)  I flex all day long with ability from a
simple foundation rect. Ask Compositor. Or Rectal Itcher. :)

This doesn't mean I don't also use the (0,0)-(waka,waka) approach either,
when it is fine to do so.  This is because I warp space time also, using RP
Quantum Level Assembly and Space Mechanics, and can call upon the Akashic
record when necessary.

>so there...       :+)
>go back to the drawing board, mr. bob,
>and maybe your next try will be better.          ;+)

You are one of a hand's worth of people I encounter who seem to live in an
alternate universe on a regular basis. Thus another try would be futile as
one cannot refute a reality distortion field.


I digress. Remind me not to talk to you again, this has given me a bad case
of diarreah.**  :+)

Author, Rectal Itcher

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