[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Enough memory?

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From: Jay <jktr@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 02 21:48:55 -0500
>>2. Don't forget you can set
>>gFBAutoXrefUseTempMem = _zTrue
>>to have dynamic arrays created outside your program heap. This way, you
>>needn't worry about allocating enough memory to your program to handle
>>all eventualities, and the size of your array is theoretically limited
>>only by the amount of available RAM.
>> e-e
>> =J= a  y
>>  "
>Great tip....question...when that is set, does it use up the app's heap
>first, then go to System ram, or just use System Ram from the Get Go?
I refer you to the runtime code:

>long if fn FBAutoXrefUseTempMem
>theHndl& = fn TempNewHandle(OldSize&,err)
>if err=0 then def blockfill([theHndl&],OldSize&,0)
>address&.AutoXREFHndl& = theHndl&
>address&.AutoXREFHndl& = fn newhandleclear(OldSize&)
>end if

i.e., System Ram from the Get Go.

 =J= a  y