[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Background Event Handling

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From: Ken Shmidheiser <k.shmidheiser@...>
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 00:12:53 -0400
Jamin wrote:

>The global GetNextEvent Filter is the way to go here.
>I have put together a demo application that does the patch,
>and allows you to press Control 'a' to start doing what you want,
>and Control 'z' to stop.
>The demo just makes empty files in the same folder as the app,
>  but you can change it to do whatever you want.
>The hard bit would be doing a screen capture rapidily enough
>without affectting the performance of the game (esp in FB2
>and 68k), but you seem to already
>have that bit licked, so you are "home and hosed"
><http://members.ozemail.com.au/~benjamen/WarBirds jGNE.gz>
>I must thank Mars for teaching me this technique, and for
>allowing his source to be butchered by people like me.

Just a side note:

The global jGNE filter no longer works in OS X. However, a global hot 
key event can be registered in carbon using: