[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Background Event Handling

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From: Herbie Gluender <H.Gluender@...>
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 13:36:13 +0200
On 7/07/02 7:08 AM, Darron Forehand <glo@...> wrote:

>> I'm writing a program that takes screenshots (from the
middle portion 
>> of the screen) rapidly enough to make a Quicktime movie...

Jamin provided a promising solution, at least for MacOS Classic:

> The global GetNextEvent Filter is the way to go here.

... big snip ...

> I must thank Mars for teaching me this technique, and for
> allowing his source to be butchered by people like me.

> Jamin

Just a remark:

Indeed, the basic "FB jGNE Filter"-code has been provided by
Mars but since FB^3 it comes with every Release-CD.

FutureBASIC II/Function Junction/FJ 2/Hacker Stuff ƒ/INIT
Shell ƒ

Of course it is FBII and I guess we shall never see
FB^3-compiled INITs.

Anyway, Mars' code is excellent and very stable.
The code originally provided with FBII and metioned in the
manuals is unstable -- don't use it !

Two of my utilities -- "UmlautXpander" and "ascii2html" --
are based on Mars' code and work perfectly even under the
OSX Classic environment.