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From: Craig Hoyt <aztech4mac@...>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 12:15:40 -0700
I'd like to thank Waverly, Jay, and Bernie for additional information with
my dilemma. Last night I thought I'd take a look at the toolbox help file
for FB. I found that the postevent function is already set up for use in
FB. Because Staz basically stated 'you can't there from here" I wrongly
assumed the postevent was not part of the runtime. I just plugged in the
statement <err% = FN POSTEVENT(3,121)> into my current project and tested
using the Norton File Saver control panel. It worked perfectly. The '3' is
a key-down event and the '121' was just an arbitrary number. I'm probably
not setting up the eventMsg parameter correctly but this does force the
File Saver to stay away. I haven't tested this on OSX yet so I might be a
little premature in celebrating but this issue has been a long term problem
and I'm so ecstatic that the solution is so simple. I'll post any changes
to this after I thoroughly test this on both OSX and <OSX systems.

Thank you all again, this is a major breakthrough for me.
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