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From: Ben Jamin <benjamen@...>
Date: 17 Sep 2002 10:25:41 +1000
On 16/09/02 1:55 AM, Richard Goodman <bhomme@...> wrote:
>However, there is one entity that sends me files (non-Mac) attached 
>to the
>email with no way of replying or unsubscribing and I have no way 
>filtering these. I have no idea how to stop that site.

Jamins el-cheapo anti-spam guide:

When you get the message, display the headers.  The headers will
show every mail server that had a grubby part in that bit of mail.
Each mail server adds a line thats starts with "Received: "
Up at the very top will be the last server that touched it, and
this will usually be you ISPs mail server (Of course you might
run a departmental or private mail server)
The entry before this will be the mail server that passed
it on to your ISP.  Its IP address should be listed in square brackets
eg: []
Now that you know the IP, we can find out who looks after this number.
All allocated IPs are assigned by one of a few groups, and their
databases can be freely searched:

For Europe

For Asia/pacific:

For US:

The will give you a contact address for the owner of
that block of IP numbers. The address to send you
complaint to is usually "abuse@xxxx"

Send an email to them and make sure to copy the
headers and body of the email, and the will shut down that
spammer for a while. (Untill he gets another ISP)