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From: Hans van Maanen <hans@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 15:50:49 +0200
Robert Purves wrote:

> The blurry vision of the average programmer apparently cannot detect 
> any important difference between QuickDraw and CoreGraphics (Quartz2D) 
> drawing.
> Test if your visual sense is better than average, with the demo below 
> (which requires Release 7 and OS X). Beware of email line-wraps in the 
> code.
> Given enough enthusiasm for the project, we may see the ugly support 
> for CoreGraphics neatly packaged away in a header file in a future 
> release of FB. There are many more CG routines than shown in the demo.

Yes, I see a very clear difference on my LCD screen. The CG lissajous 
is much better: hardly any jaggies! Maybe there's no difference on an 
cathode ray monitor, but on a flat dslay the CG is very crisp.