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From: gnome <gnome@...>
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 19:12:05 +0200
there was a recent post asking about networking with fb.

i don't remember all as i tend to kill posts that don't concern
me and networking isn't my field. but people have pointed out
[in other places] that this post didn't receive a reply and
the attention that it merited.

here goes, counting that the original poster will
continue and holla for more info.

from my point of view, everything depends on the type of project
that you wish to make. i remember the post as being rather vague
asking what was available. there is sample code [some of which
i have worked on] for establishing http connections and ftp
stuff. there is also older code for mail/smtp stuff. there is
also some code for networking, but i don't know how far that
goes, as i have said, this isn't my speciality.

i'd suggest that you try to explain what you seek to do, and then
people can point out what exists and where. if you haven't, download
the demo stuff from staz's site [i'd suggest using something like
bbedit lite to do a search for keywords like http, tcp/ip or whatever
interests you as sometimes code is not in the place that you'd expect
it to be but most of the code is decently commented].

i'm counting now that my betters will step in, answer your questions
and push this thread to where it should be going.

sorry for the delay, all the best,