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From: Craig Hoyt <aztech4mac@...>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 11:25:02 -0700
Thanks gnome and Doug for the response.
   To respond to gnomes statements... the data size 'I need' to transfer is
a scant 32 bytes but could be somewhat larger for other projects.
Transferring 4gig data blocks would be inappropriate in all cases. As you
stated latency is an issue and transfers need to be as fast as possible.
NetSprockets is a joke. It was obviously designed by someone who didn't
understand the needs of game designers. Ironically, it was written by
programmers at Bungie using Apple design criteria. It was released in 1998
to allow Mac users to interface with Microsofts' multi-player protocol
which is built into Windows. I have had long discussions with the project
leader at Apple on this subject explaining that Netsprockets was useless
and needs to completely rewritten using a different paradigm. All I get
back is a defence of their current approach and a polite 'thank you for
your comments'. Apple is not doing anything to further develop NetSprockets
in it's current form or an improved version. The proof of it's usefulness
is no one is using it (commercial or shareware/freeware games). I suspect
their failure to push this technology forward is because it is not used. It
is not used because it is unusable. A chicken and egg sort of thing. Thank
you gnome for trying.

Doug, I've used your approach for years now in my multi-player games. While
this does work it is not elegant and awkward for users who don't understand
filesharing, I get questions on this from users quite often. I was hoping
to find a better way of doing this, after all we are in the 21st century.

This question has been asked by myself and several others over the last few
years but no one has been able to provide a solution. Obviously this sort
of thing is way beyond my capabilities or understanding but it sure would
be great if some of you real brainiacs out there would address this issue.
I'm sure it would benefit many FB users besides myself to have this sort of
tool out there. If anyone would like to look into such a project I would
gladly give my $0.02 towards the approach and design of usable solution.
Sadly RB handles this rather nicely.

Thanks for you responses.


PS Congrats rc on a great new release!
>Le mardi 22 octobre 2002, à 08:51 , Craig Hoyt a écrit :
>> Hi all... I know this has been asked in the past and I'm hoping someone
>> has
>> a solution. Does anybody know of a way to share data between the same
>> application running on two different computers over a network.
>> AppleEvents,
>> OpenTransport, TCP/IP or whatever. It just needs to be carbon compliant.
>> Any ideas?
>there was recent talk in another place about using remote
>apple events to do this sort of thing. there is also the possibility
>that, whatever network sprockets became, could help with this.
>i suppose that it comes down to:
>- the quantity of data that you need to share
>   [a 4k file and a 4Gb file aren't the same thing]
>- the importance [or not] of latency
>   [a game, and newtork sprockets tended to be used for that,
>   needs quick reactions, an app doing remote batches of
>   photoshop images would tend to be slow and steady].
>are there no examples on the cd?

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