[futurebasic] [XFB] SANE comp sending me INSANE

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From: Ashley Butterworth <macbse@...>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 22:16:50 +1100
Hi all,
   As part of my satellite tracking program that I am writing in C, I 
have to convert dates to Julian dates.

   I have used as standard throughout my program the Mac LongDateTime 
structure to store the date. This is stored as a sInt64.

   I am trying to write a platform independent function that converts 
this date into a Julian date and vice versa. The only thing that I have 
found out from the Inside Carbon docs is that it is stored in "SANE 
comp" format.

   Does anybody know how to work with this? Without me having to go and 
stealing Apples code (or what I can of it).

   Thanks for any help,

   Ashley ~)~

Ashley Butterworth
Email: macbse@...