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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 21:50:56 -0800
Hi Bruce,

I'm usually pretty critical of "appearances", and I, frankly,think that 
both the Geneva and Helvetica fonts, at any size, actually look better 
on Jaguar than they did on 9.2. Of course, I'm sure the aliasing has 
something to do with it. I see very little improvement in Osaka over 
them. Are you sure it's not some setting you have, and do you mean 
screen appearance or printed appearance, and at what screen resolution(s)?

As to solving your problem, can't you reset the constant values so that 
_geneva = _osaka? Never  tried something like that, but shouldn't we be 
able to change the values of constants - even preset ones?

Joe Wilkins

MoorePrint@... wrote:

>The Geneva and Helvetica 12 point type that I had been using in OS9 looks pretty crappy in OS X. Since one of the big attractions to OSX has been the Aqua interface, it just doesn't seem right to port an application over to run in carbon/OSX and have the fonts look WORSE. 
>I played around and it looks like Osaka font looks best at 12 point whereas the Geneva strokes are uneven. I have a pG projec that I had set many many edit fields to use 12 point Geneva but no I need to change to Osaka. Since Program generator is not carbon, I am unable to specify this font and I have no mechanisim to go back to Geneva in the case that someone is running the carbon app in OS9.
>Does someone have an easy solution for this, possibly some "OVERRIDE" to a pG function?
>Bruce Moore
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