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From: Craig Hoyt <aztech4mac@...>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 10:38:59 -0800
Hi Richard,
I get the List in digest form so this reply is a little late. Your problem
is most likely a failing flyback transformer. The warnings that were posted
by others should be listened to as you can get a nasty shock or worse if
you don't know what you are doing. Cleaning will stop the arcing but you
didn't mention any sounds related to the picture going black so any
internal housekeeping will not solve your problem. It also could be a cold
solder joint in the video board but would need a technician to trace this
problem down. You have to realize all this is arm chair quarterbacking and
would need someone with TV/monitor experience to properly diagnose and
repair. Sadly the cost of a flyback transformer and labor will be close to
a new monitor. I recommend you shop around for a new one, sorry. Back in
the day, when a decent size monitor cost $3000 it made sense to repair but
a 17" monitor is less than $400 these days. I too recommend staying away
from ViewSonic as I have some horror stories related to their monitors
(even ones in warranty).

Thanks for the commercial Joe :-)


>My Apple 17" Studio Display monitor is getting flaky.  From time to time it
>blacks out, but the picture comes back immediately. This happens five or
>six times a day. Just now, it went out twice within about a second. Is this
>a sign that the thing is about to die? Do you have any idea what could be
>causing the problem? Otherwise, the picture is fine. The quality is as good
>as ever. Could it possibly be a case of corrosion on the connectors to the
>computer? It is scaring me, because if it dies, I don't know if I can get a
>replacement for my 300MHz G-3. Sorry for the X-FB post, but there are so
>many savvy participants to this list, I have to ask here first.
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