[futurebasic] _freqCMD question

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From: LindquistN <LindquistN@...>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 23:21:41 EST
What I want to be able to do with a sound that I am playing continuously in
the background is change its frequency in real time. I've set up a sound
callback procedure, and have the sound looping continuosly in the background.
I then poll for the input for the frequecy (in this case the right arrow key
to increase the frequency, etc...) every 30 milliseconds and then issue a
SNDDOIMMEDIATE _freqCMD command. But what I get is an very bad sounding sound,
with a series of "clicks" and "pops" like interference.. This is not what I
had in mind... Is there a better way to adjust the frequency? Should I
repeatedly check for the user input 30 times a second, and is that why I get
so much interference? Any help is appreciated...

TIA  -Nate