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From: "Chip G." <n1mie@...>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 12:35:31 -0500
At 00:42 -0500 02/16/03, Ken Shmidheiser wrote:
>    Universal Converter for OS X

An interesting note on this converter. I found at least one problem. 
I entered "1" for the quantity, "degKelvin" for the from unit, and 
"degC" for the to unit. The answer is wrong. It tells me that 1 degK 
= 1 degC. While it is true that a 1 degK change is equivalent to a 1 
degC change, the value of 1 degK (1 deg above absolute zero) is not 
the same as the value 1 degC (1 deg above the freezing temperature of 
pure water).

Otherwise a great converter. Perhaps some day I'll experiment with 
having the converter go online and download it's own updates to those 
conversions which are dynamic (i.e., currency). (I know this is done 
before, but sometimes the process is about the learning.)

Thanks again,
-- Chip <mailto:n1mie@...>