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From: michael evans <michael.evans@...>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:31:49 -0500
on 02/20/2003 05:15 PM, Ben Jamin at benjamen@... wrote:

> On 21/02/03 3:01 AM, tedd@... wrote:
>> You know, when someone figures out how to stop spam easily and
>> accurately, there will be a fortune to be made.
> This struck a chord with me, as I spend a chunk of my time blacklisting IP
> ranges
> in countries where spam appears to be a acceptable business model.
> The cruel thing about your comment, is that there are already ways
> for the internet community to stop 90% of spam, but the uptake of these
> methods is slow. My current favored combination solution is:
> ISPs only support SMTP AUTH (Including hosted clients)
> and
> ISPs don't allow SMTP outside of their own network
> (Excepting their own servers and hosted clients)
> This will stop open relay problems as long as the ISP correctly
> configures their servers), as well as clearly identifying
> any spam with a real user's account details.
> The thing is, this is not in the IPSs best interest from a business
> standpoint.  It would reduce the billable usage hours of the spammers,
> as well as incur costs for server upgrades.
> ISPs make money from traffic, and spammers are prime traffic
> generators.  If a spammer sends one email to 100 different
> emails located at 100 different ISPs, each ISP makes a few cents
> because the recipient is spending extra time online downloading
> the email, add an oversized HTML attachment etc, and modem
> users are getting into the dollar mark.
> I did not come up with any of these ideas,
> "all that is done, has been done before" (mangled quote)
> I have just read alot of other peoples commentry on the subject
> ...but can I have my fortune now anyway ?  :-)
> Jamin

I mostly agree with you but (at least for attbi.com) using html mail when
I'm on the road, even on a t3 connection, is grimly slooooow....


Michael Evans