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From: barrie <barrie@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 11:56:35 -0500
> I have been fighting spam for several years by making formal reports
> to the the ISP's of spammers via spamcop.net. To date, I've logged
> over 10,000 formal complaints.
> The one thing that is agreed by all the people who are "in the know",
> so to speak, about fighting spam is to never reply to any "remove me"
> links. What this does is to confirm that there is an active and live
> person at the other end of the email address. Once they realize that
> the email they sent actually found someone, your address will never
> be free of spam (unless something drastically changes).
> I run all my email accounts through spamcop.net and today they caught
> 80 spams and passed 8 -- a 90 percent reduction in spam is pretty
> good, but still some gets through. Spamcop.net has a good idea of
> what IS spam and how to block it -- but even they are not 100%
> successful.
> So, if someone wanted to create a spam blocking program, it will take
> a lot of work and I would guess it still won't be 100 percent
> successful.
> tedd
Many thanks for the spam info. I had no idea that this service was
available. I visited the site, paid the dues and signed up.
Thanks again.