[futurebasic] Re: [FB] doesn't someone use an installer for their fb3 app?

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From: "Chip G." <n1mie@...>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 12:25:30 -0500
At 11:29 -0500 03/06/03, MoorePrint@... wrote:
>I was a litte suprized this vocal group had no comment on my last 2 
>postings. I post this one again:
>I am nearing completion of a carbon version of my application. In 
>order to use the "built for OS X" badge you must be able to install 
>without classic. Shame since I bought VISE Lite and it's only 
>classic. The carbon version of VISE is a litle pricey for me so I 
>have been ooking at alternatives. Installer Factory and 
>MacInstallerBuilder. I have experienced bugs in each but so far 
>MacInstallerBuilder seems to be the best choice. I have also thought 
>about making something in FB using some applescript but I'd probably 
>create more bugs than I am geting with these commercial 
>applications. Are any on the list using commercial installers and 
>what do you like?

I consider myself somewhat of a newbie. I've rolled out no 
applications to the masses and have mostly just fiddled around with 
FB. I am also working in parallel with creating Cocoa applications 
(using Power Builder and Interface Builder, both free from Apple). I 
haven't tried this yet, but I think there are three free solutions 
available to you.

1. Possible most difficult, you could distribute using an 
AppleScript. Write an AppleScript which copies files into the 
required locations.

2. Have the user copy the folder anywhere they want and have the 
application create or move needed files to where they need to be.

3. Use PackageMaker to create an install. PackageMaker is a free 
solution from Apple. You can install it with the Developer CD's that 
came with your Mac, or if you have a newer Mac there is an 
"Installers" directory in your "Applications" folder. Open the 
"Developer Tools" folder. Look for, and double-click on, the 
"Developer.mpkg" file. This will allow you to install all the 
developer tools into the "/Developer" folder (which it will create, 
if necessary). Inside the "/Developers/Applications" folder will then 
be PackageMaker. I don't know the full power available here, but it's 
free, give it a shot. Launch PackageMaker and read it's online help 
file for more information.

Good luck and let us know how you fare,
-- Chip <mailto:n1mie@...>