[futurebasic] Boolean variable = 48 instead of 0

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From: Rich Love <richlove@...>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 07:26:50 -0600
I have a very strange problem that just appeared in my .GLBL file.
It has lots of variables that I have added over the years.
Last week I tried to add one more variable and it did not work.
The variable is a boolean
When I dimension the variable with the above statement, the value
becomes 48 instead of zero.

Has anyone seen this or know why it might happen?
I moved the DIM statement to my .INCL file and it works like it should.

I wonder if FB is getting the ascii value of zero confused with the 
real value?
(zero is ascii 48)

Running Jaguar 10.2.4

Rich Love - Carnation Software
Terminal emulations for Macintosh - MacWise, MacToPic + and SBMac.
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