[futurebasic] Re: AquaAbout Demo (and DropBox access)

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From: Laurent SIEBENMANN <lcs@...>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 21:30:05 +0100 (MET)

Hi Bill,

You wrote:

 > Or you can just mount the DropBox on your desktop as a 
 > device via AppleShare IP...

This is a Mac Internet feature I have been expecting for for
years.  Internet servers just as accessible as if on a LAN!
I should have got this going several years back for several big
FTP archives I use.

For ted and me ;) could you please enumerate the extensions and
control pannel devices involved? And give a minimum of setup
instruction? I have just a modem internet connection.

By the way -- it is amazing how many fundamental Mac features
the average Mac user overlooks.  Just recently, I came to
appreciate the potential for drag-and-drop PS file production
hidden in the standard LaserWriter Print Services utility. (I
don't really have the English name; in French it's <<
Utilitaire Service d'Impression >>.) Has anyone spotted this
capability under OSX?


Laurent S