[futurebasic] {xfb} Yaxfbp Printer Connectivity

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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 19:45:33 -0500
Yet Another XFB Post (and quite sorry for that, but quite timely need)

OS X...To OS 8.6 Machine....
Ethernet crossover cable.
Finder / Connect To Server/ works fine to get the drives on the 8.6 
machine to show up and mount on the Xbox


I can't get the printer connected to the OS 8.6 machine to show up as 
available on the OSX machine in Print Center no matter what I try...

(While I can connect to the OS 8.6 machine from  OS X using the Go 
menu, I don't know how to connect To the OSX machine from the 8.6 )

Not sure if that is the factor required for the printer to show? Does 
the direction of the connection matter? I am after all connecting to 
the printer based machine.

The OS 8.6 machine has an Epson 700 connected, none for the OSX yet...

Using Ethernet with crossover cable. I can get all the drives on the 
8.6 machine to show up, but not the printer for some reason. I reprint 

I can print fine from the 8.6 machine, but wonder if the printer being 
connected to a Port Expander would matter. Only thing I can think as to 
why it doesn't show up in the Print Center in X.

Any connectivity help much appreciated (offlist is fine)

Robert Bob